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Ex-Army Employees have Opportunities in the Security Sector

In the wake of 5,300 jobs being cut by the MoD – what opportunities are available for those who have been made redundant from the armed forces?

In the third round of cuts, 5,300 jobs are set to be lost by June this year, adding to 2,860 jobs lost in 2011, and more than 4,000 in 2012.

The future of those losing their jobs may seem uncertain, however those who have worked in the Army may find that a job in the security industry provides an ideal option for their next career move.

At present the security industry is thriving, as it has never been more important for high profile individuals and companies to protect their lovedones, residences and hard-earned possessions.

Bulwark Group has recently partnered with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), a company that provides successful resettlement services for those leaving the armed forces to specifically help ex-army employees find a job within the security industry.

Kris Thompson, owner of Newcastle-based security company Bulwark Group, has experienced this transition first-hand. Kris is a former soldier who served on active duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq, in addition to a previous role in private security in the Middle East.

Kris said: “I know that the skills acquired in the Army are highly transferrable to the security industry. The knowledge, resilience and specialist ability learnt on the front line do not compare with any others and these specialist skills are something I look for in employees.

“Our collaboration with the Career Transition Partnership was implemented so that Bulwark Group could play an active role in helping those who have left the armed forces develop their career in the security sector.”

This partnership will hopefully provide an attractive option for those who will face redundancies this year due to the cuts made by the MoD.

Bulwark Group, who provides residential security, close protection, dog handling services, executive driving and special projects, support that in recruiting ex-army personnel, companies are also gaining a set of specific skills that are perfect for protection and safety.

With this in mind, the future for those facing redundancies from the Army this year may not be so bleak, with opportunities at successful and growing security companies such as Bulwark Group, which increased its turnover by 28-fold last year.

Kris links the success of his business to his high-calibre of staff and the specific skills he looks for in an employee - especially those who are army trained.

Kris continued: “Ex-army personnel often make some of the best security operatives because they are taught in the most extreme circumstances. The quick reflexes and decision making skills that become second nature when in the army prove to be the most important attributes when protecting others and maintaining the safety of clients and their businesses.

“Our clients put a huge amount of trust in Bulwark Group and its staff, and it is for this reason we only employ the best”.


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